The Arise Box: Celebrating Bravery and Empowerment

The Arise Box: Celebrating Bravery and Empowerment

My dear friend Brooke of Charity Girl Problems fame is a huge source of inspiration to me. I rely on her to find out about the best volunteer programs in Los Angeles, and she’s usually the first to discover companies that are giving back in creative, commendable ways. When she called me up one day raving about a new subscription box that supports human trafficking survivors, I was dying for an introduction.  She graciously connected me, and I had the privilege of speaking with their founder Cassidy to learn how she got started. Now I’m excited to make that introduction to you and share my review of their spring box. Without further adieu, meet Arise Box, the quarterly give-back subscription box that builds care packages for survivors of human trafficking.

Michelle For Good x Arise Box

Let’s jump right in! The spring box that I received is bravery themed. It comes with a thoughtfully crafted set of worksheets that help you to define bravery, and determine ways to put bravery into action. As you journal, you’re given prompts to help you reflect on quotes like this:

“The thing about being BRAVE is it doesn’t come with the absence of fear and hurt. Bravery is the ability to look at hurt in the face and say move aside, you are in the way.” – Melissa Tumino

By far the bravest women I’ve met are the human trafficking survivors I work with at The Tote Project. It’s unfathomable for me to think of going through what they’ve been through and coming out joyful and hope-filled. I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it time and time again. Their hope gives me hope, and their bravery inspires me to be more brave. This box is extra special to me because it comes with a postcard for sending a survivor of human trafficking a note of encouragement. Fill it out, mail it in, and Cassidy will make sure your message brightens someone’s day. On top of that, for each Arise Box purchased, 2 full sized products are added to a care package for a survivor in a safe home. The care products differ each time, but they are always encouraging and inspirational items like custom journals and life-hack books. Cassidy hopes the women will use them to “have fun, play and feel loved.” 

After mailing in your postcard and filling out the worksheets, your fun is just beginning because there is still a whole box of products to go through!

1.) Bee’s Wrap: I’m starting with my favorite item. I’ve had my eye on this sustainable sandwich wrap ever since I watched a documentary about reducing waste. My husband and I got concerned about how many disposable plastic baggies we go through, and found this beeswax wrap as an alternative. It was on our wish list but we hadn’t actually purchased any yet, so I was delighted to receive it in the box. Now that I’ve used it we’ll definitely be investing in more. Use this wrap to store your food, unwrap it and use it as a placemat, and wash it with cool water and dish soap when you’re done. It’s good for the planet and a money saver!

2.) Floret Flowers | Cosmos Flower Seeds: I can’t wait to plant these seeds and see what beautiful flowers sprout from the mix. Floret Flowers focuses on sustainability and uses their resources to teach organic growing processes to farmers and anyone interested in learning seasonal farming. They had a humble beginning in a backyard garden and now they are a thriving educational farm.

3.) Revive Bath & Body | Loofah Soap: This deliciously scented tangerine, thyme and lime soap is all natural, cruelty free and vegan. Use it as a daily exfoliator to keep your skin smooth and refreshed. Revive Bath & Body partners with the Lovin’ Soap Project to teach women in developing nations small business skills. For the communities they partner with, hygiene helps prevent a large number of illnesses and the new source of income builds up families.

4.) Out of Print Clothing | Where the Wild Things Are Tote: I guarantee that I spend more time than most studying and working with tote bags, and I’m happy to say that I’m impressed with Out of Print’s collection. I’ve always been a huge bookworm and Where the Wild Things Are is very nostalgic for me. Also, it’s a small detail but I love that the tag on this bag is fashioned after a library card — even that carries nostalgia with it! For each product sold a book is donated to a rural classroom in need in Africa, giving children the chance to discover the joy of reading.

Ever since God placed the issue of human trafficking on my heart, I’ve been eager to support businesses that help out survivors and combat modern day slavery. I love that during a time when it’s trendy to have a cause, for Arise Box it’s more than just an afterthought. Cassidy based the company around the mission of supporting survivors in safe houses, and I couldn’t be more proud to cheer them on. On top of that, it’s full of products that I’m actually excited to use!

The theme of their summer box is Joy, and it’s available for pre-order here. Subscribe today and make room for your new favorite ethical goods. I can’t wait to hear how you are inspired by Arise Box!

P.S. My doggy Jean Valjean approves 😉

Box provided for review by Arise Box

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  • I’m DYING!! Thanks so much for the lovely words – I feel the same way about you when it come to all things Ethical Fashion and Fair trade!!

    Jean is the PERFECT photo partner. You should definitely keep him as your photographer. 😉


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