#ShopSmall: Julia Szendrei Jewelry

#ShopSmall: Julia Szendrei Jewelry

Spring is here, and I celebrated it’s arrival (along with seemingly every other photographer and/or blogger in Los Angeles) with a trip to view the wildflower super bloom in Southern California. After a little research I discovered that wildflower watching is serious business — people hike for hours to find the best uninterrupted patch, and there’s even a wildflower hotline you can call to figure out the best time of day to visit the reserves. Since I knew pictures would be taken if my friends and I made a day of pursuing these rare flowers, I decided to use the photo op to showcase Julia Szendrei, one of new favorite jewelry brands.

Julia Szendrei choker in navy

Julia Szendrei is a jewelry designer (and all around wonderful lady!) based in California. I love wearing her pieces because in doing so I can stay on trend while supporting a small business. Since vowing to stop buying fast fashion, I can no longer make a quick trip to the mall to pick up the latest necklace I saw in a magazine, so I count on my favorite local designers when I want to buy the freshest it-girl designs. One such item I’ve had my eye on was the bolo necklace, and when I discovered that Julia was selling what seemed like every version of the bolo imaginable, I jumped on getting a couple different styles to play around with.

I love the versatility of bolo necklaces. Depending on the length you buy, you can wrap them around once like in the photos below, or you can tie them like a tie, like in the photo above. I also fell in love with her opal clutch ring, not only because of it’s unique shape, but because when you ask me where I got it, I can tell you the brand AND who made it (Julia or one of her assistants who are paid fairly).

Julia necklace bolo and ring

Michelle For Good Bolo Necklace

After falling in love with her jewelry, I spoke with Julia about the intricacies of her business and was excited to learn that she has a holistic view of her company. Rather than just being concerned about the bottom line, she invests in her employees by teaching them business skills, so that one day they can move on and launch their own companies. Since she designs everything from the packaging to the metal components in-house, she is mindful to only buy what she needs in order to reduce waste. Additionally, she sources all of her stones directly so that her providers can keep the money they make, rather than having to pay a middle man and lose out on profits. She sums all this up by the motto, “No short change, just positive success.” I think that’s something that we can all get behind.

Enjoy the photos of our trip to the wildflowers, and shop Julia Szendrei’s full collection here.

Michelle For Good wearing Julia Szendrei

Photos by William Deans

Jewelry provided by Julia Szendrei

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