Love Justly: Where Ethical Fashion is Always On Sale

Love Justly: Where Ethical Fashion is Always On Sale

Last week was Fashion Revolution Week, and if you’re like me your social media feed was full of people demanding transparency and fair trade principles from their favorite brands. So… now what? After learning about ethical fashion you may be wondering what your next step is, because there’s no way around it — if clothing is made ethically it has to be more expensive than fast fashion, and for most of us there’s no room for high end pieces in the budget. Right? Well not so fast, because I’m about to introduce you to a little game-changer called Love Justly.

Love Justly is an online boutique where ethical fashion is always on sale. Have you ever been to a Marshalls or a T.J. Maxx and enjoyed shopping designer brands for half the price? Shopping at Love Justly is like that, except way better because everything you find is either fair trade certified, ethically sourced or from a social enterprise brand. Besides getting a good deal, shopping at this discount retailer is preferable because they rescue pieces that are barely out of season from potentially ending up in a land fill. On top of all that, five percent of the profits from each sale are donated to Legacy Collective to find sustainable solutions for systemic issues. Ethically made, good for the planet AND a give-back model? Sounds like an ethical unicorn to me.

Shop my favorite Love Justly items below. If you see something you like, don’t wait too long because as you can imagine these products sell out fast, and make sure to check back often as there’s always new brands being added to the mix. Happy shopping #forgood!

1.) Gold Cashmere Scarf by Komodo $49.49 / $84.00

MadeFair Scarf

2.) Hem Cuff Shorts by Liz Alig $39.99 / $72.00Hem Cuff Shorts_Love Justly

3.) White and Black Stone Earrings by Starfish Project $13.99 / $24.99

Starfish Project Earrings

4.) Black Suede Loafers by Sseko Designs $63.49 / $109.99

Sseko Lalibella Black Suede Loafers

5.) Kimono Maxi Dress by Symbology $72.49 / $170

Symbology Elephant Dress

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