#ForGood Gifts Under $50: For the Foodie

#ForGood Gifts Under $50: For the Foodie

Alright, let’s cut to the chase. Christmas time is here again, and this year we need to get our shopping done early so that we can enjoy everything this season has to offer, from office outings and Chrismukkahs, to cookie baking and church services. If you’re looking for gifts that are not only thoughtful picks for the loved ones on your list, but also kind to people and the planet, then you’ve come to the right place. I put together a list of 50 #ForGood Gifts Under $50 to help you shop ethically while making sure the most wonderful time of the year doesn’t break the bank.

Yesterday I shared my top ten gifts for kids, and today’s installment is focused on food. My men’s gift guide was a crowd favorite this year thanks to my wonderful husband’s contributions, so I thought I’d bring him back for this one. Check out the list and read his thoughts below; I promise you’ll never think about Earl Grey tea the same way again. Come back tomorrow for my final guide for the home, and as always, happy shopping!

Wine Gift Box
Ethics: Gives back
Price: $34.00

The perfect gift for your go-to wine night partner, this bottle in a box not only tastes good but does good. Choose any wine from the ONEHOPE Core Collection keeping in mind that whether it be funding autism treatments or empowering veterans, each bottle supports a different cause. For each case sold of my personal favorite, the Pinot Noir, a pet adoption is funded helping animals in need find a forever home.


Mulled Wine Milk Chocolate Bar
Brand: Tony’s Chocolonely
Ethics: Ethical production
Price: $5.99

Nobody knows who Tony is, and not many people have heard about the time he turned himself in to the police as an accessory to slavery, but anyone who has tried his quirky chocolate bars will agree that this guy can’t be all bad. One of my favorite ways to get in the holiday spirit is to have traditional mulled wine. I love the cloves, the cinnamon, the subtle orange notes. This chocolate bar has it all—even the wine! Tony also makes sure every step of the process that goes into creating his divine chocolate is 100% slave free. In conclusion, if loving Tony’s Chocolonely is a crime, then I’m guilty as charged. 

Tonys Chocolonely Mulled Wine Bar

7 Nut & Seed Butter
Brand: Nuttzo
Ethics: Gives back, Organic, Vegan
Price: $15.99

During the last couple of years, without anyone really noticing, there’s been a revolution in the world of nut butter. While that might be the first time a sentence like that has ever been written, it’s hard to ignore that the stroll down the PB & J aisle has become a place of intrigue and high drama. This one is not only organic and paleo, but it’s packed with every nut and seed I’ve ever heard of—oh yeah, and it’s delicious! 1% of gross sales are donated to Project Left Behind to improve nutrition and living conditions for orphans around the world. 

Nuttzo Butter

EcoCafe Haiti Coffee
Brand: Elisha C.
Ethics: Artisan-made, Ethical production
Price: $12.00-$22.00

For some, coffee is more than merely a beverage– it’s become a good time or place, a warm comfortable feeling. Elisha C. has offered quality coffee since 2006 and in that time has honed it into a thing nearing perfection. For the farmers living in an economically unstable Haiti, coffee is a means of living and providing for their families. This is a coffee you can easily drink black or, if you like, with a bit of sugar and cream. Knowing your purchase goes directly to supporting these farmers should make your cup a little sweeter.

ElishaC Coffee Haiti

Cashew Variety Pack
Brand: Sunshine Nut Co.
Ethics: Gives back, Ethical production
Price: $24.99

“Hey, cashew pass me the nuts?” We’ve all seen and eaten bags of nuts, but don’t confuse these with the emergency nuts your Grandma keeps in her purse. Emergency nuts may be there to stabilize your blood sugar levels, but Sunshine Nut Co. decreases homeless levels in Africa. When you buy their variety 4-pack they build homes for orphans and widows to live in while also supporting orphanages all in Mozambique, Africa. 

Sunshine Nut Co Cashews #ForGood

Eco Planter: Basil
Brand: FEED
Ethics: Gives back, Organic
Price: $30.00

Anytime you buy a product from FEED they use the money to provide food to people that need it around the world. The Eco Planter is just one great example of FEED offering quality products with people in mind. This is a planter for regular folks who don’t have a green thumb, but who like the idea of do-it-yourself organics, ready to throw in the spaghetti sauce. This particular planter provides 3 school meals. Man, education makes me hungry. 

Eco Planter Basil FEED #ForGood


Preserves Trio
Brand: Homeboy Industries
Ethics: Gives back, Ethical production, Eco-friendly
Price: $21.95

Apple butter, pumpkin butter or mixed berry preserves on top of hot buttery toast is a quick way to get anyone in the holiday spirit. And when you add the fact that they come in reusable 8 ounce jars, this proves itself to be the gift set that keeps on giving. 100% of all proceeds go to benefit former gang members who are turning their lives around through job training and special programs.

Trio Preserves Homeboy

Chocolate Babka Duo
Brand: Hot Bread Kitchen
Ethics: Ethical production
Price: $24.00

Have you ever had a babka? You haven’t? Do yourself a favor and quickly acquaint yourself with the chocolatey, buttery-sweet experience that this dessert bread is. It’s a good thing there’s two of these puppies because you can eat one when it arrives and then exercise some self-control and save the other for 30 minutes later. Hot Bread Kitchen isn’t just good at making sweet breads, they’re also good at making sweet bread bakers. They train women facing economic insecurity through a paid on-the-job program and place 100% of their graduates in fair wage positions.

Chocolate Babka Hot Bread Kitchen #ForBread

Chili and Cornbread Gift Bundle
Brand: Women’s Bean Project
Ethics: Ethical production
Price: $13.00

Everyone knows that when firemen aren’t pounding out fires, they’re pounding maize to make the excellent cornbread that compliments their famous firehouse chili.  Only the Women’s Bean Project could make a chili cornbread combination that rivals these firehouse masters and this gift makes enough food to feed a family of six without breaking the bank. Supporting this wonderful organization helps at-risk women, convicted felons, recovering addicts and victims of domestic violence, by providing basic needs and job training.

Womens Bean Project

Early Grey Tea
Brand: Level Ground Trading via The Little Market
Ethics: Ethical production, Direct trade, Transparency
Price: $12.00

Tea has been a popular drink for thousands of years. I recently sat down with Tea to ask it one simple question: “What is your biggest pet peeve?” Without hesitation Tea replied, “I’m sick and tired of people using me to keep other people poor, uneducated and victimized. They’ve been doing it practically since they started adding hot water. I say, pay a guy enough that he can afford to invite you to, you know… tea.” Enter: Level Ground Trading. They work directly with tea farmers and pay fair, transparent prices that you can even investigate yourself on their website. They also fund educational scholarships with their direct trade premiums. So, start your day off right with a delicious morning beverage that doesn’t stiff the farmer. Next time I’ll sit down with Coffee, and believe me, Coffee is pissed.

Earl Grey Tea

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