#ForGood Gifts Under $50: For Him

#ForGood Gifts Under $50: For Him

Alright, let’s cut to the chase. Christmas time is here again, and this year we need to get our shopping done early so that we can enjoy everything this season has to offer, from office outings and Chrismukkahs, to cookie baking and church services. If you’re looking for gifts that are not only thoughtful picks for the loved ones on your list, but also kind to people and the planet, then you’ve come to the right place. I put together a list of 50 #ForGood Gifts Under $50 to help you shop ethically while making sure the most wonderful time of the year doesn’t break the bank.

Yesterday, I shared my top gifts for the lovely ladies in your life, and today’s installment is focusing on the fellas. Since I assumed these picks would be better coming from a man’s perspective, these descriptions are brought to you by my wonderful husband Joey. (Thanks babe!) I can’t think of anyone better suited to provide you with compelling reasons to shop ethically, while keeping you entertained with a pinch of irreverence. Check it out below and don’t forget to comment and let me know your favorites. Make sure to come back tomorrow for my gift guide for kids!

Global Citizen Shirt
Brand: Apolis
Ethics: Made in USA, Ethical production
Price: $38.00

Every man needs a favorite T-Shirt. You know, THAT shirt–the one he wears so much that you’d hit him with the classic “it’s me or the shirt,” line but you’re not ready to be single again. The Global Citizen Shirt is that shirt. Sewn in LA using the highest social and environmental standards, this organic cotton wonder was modeled after classic military issue undershirts. So like the sentiment written on the shirt itself, tell him you love him in a language he can understand. The language of dope shirts.

Apolis Global Citizen

Ebony Earbuds
Brand: LSTN Sound Co.
Ethics: Gives back
Price: $49.99

For anyone who has ever walked through a forest and heard the bending and creaking of trees, the sound is nothing short of pure magic. The Ebony Avalon Earbuds are made with real ebony wood housings (which just so happens to be the same material all men would prefer to be housed in, if skin didn’t work so darn well) that produce a sound that is pure and frequency true. Proceeds from sales of all LSTN products go towards giving hearing aids to people in need worldwide. If you feel like getting misty-eyed check out their website. It’s chock-full of little kids hearing for the first time.


Drifter Beanie
Brand: Krochet Kids
Ethics: Artisan-made, Ethical production
Price: $30.00

Why do they call it a beanie? Because it covers your bean! And Krochet Kids Intl. has YOU covered with this sweet little waffle knitted number. While your head is nice and warm with the “Drifter,” your heart will also be nice and toasty knowing that your purchase is helping break the cycle of poverty by providing jobs, mentorship and financial services to vulnerable women around the world.

The Drifter Beanie Krochet Kids

Sport Bag
Brand: Causegear
Ethics: Ethical production, Gives back
Price: $42.00

Where style, utility and value meet, you’ll find this bag by Causegear. It’s somehow perfect for the outdoorsy hiking fanatic and the gym rat at the same time. Over here at Michelle For Good we’ve got both, fanatic and rat, practically drooling over it. It’s handmade from canvas and leather by a real life person, and to prove it that person’s mug is immortalized on the tag. When you buy this bag you are supporting a job that pays the crafter 5 TIMES the normal amount someone in that impoverished region is paid, plus it gives back.


Beard Comb Bottle Opener
Brand: Damn Handsome Grooming Company
Ethics: Gives back
Price: $34.00

Finally, a solution to the age-old dilemma of quickly opening bottles while combing your freshly oiled beard. The good people at DHGC have spent months developing this (true to the company name) wildly handsome multi-tool all the way down to the hairy, hoppy illustrations. Also, rest assured knowing that while you are staying handsome, this company donates soap with every purchase to those in need.


Kinsman Soap Set
Brand: Preemptive Love Coalition
Ethics: Gives back, Artisan-made, Ethical production
Price: $35.00

Activated charcoal, a wooden soap dish and a wash cloth—each item in this gift set is made by a different refugee and so every set helps three families devastated by war. Preemptive Love Coalition is a non-profit organization ran and operated by the closest thing to superheroes our world produces. While we’re wiping potato chip grease on our lapels these folks go directly to the front lines (most recently Iraq and Syria) to bring aid to those who need it. AND I love activated charcoal stuff… just buy it. 


Playing Cards
Brand: charity: water
Ethics: Gives back
Price: $10.00

This is another non-profit offering goods so that they can keep doing good. 100% of your purchase will go directly to adding to the millions of people around the world who have potable water because of charity: water. This beautiful deck of playing cards will provide hours of fun and distraction from any uncomfortable family political discussions this holiday season. This year let the cards do the talking, and learn important facts about the global water crisis. 

charity water playing cards

Miles Sunglasses
Brand: Blue Planet Eyewear
Ethics: Gives back, Eco-friendly
Price: $35.00

Be a cool cat with sunglasses that are positively the cat’s pajamas. I’m not kitty-ing, these shades are a perfect fit for anyone who reacts to eco-friendly fashion like cat nip. Getting your claws on all the recycled plastic and metals, not to mention the fact that one pair of glasses is donated with every purr-chase of frames, will have you smiling like the Cheshire cat. I’m so sorry about all that, I just wanted to see if I could do it.

Miles Blue Planet Sunglasses

Defend Our Parklands Raglan Tee
Brand: Parks Project
Ethics: Made in USA, Gives back
Price: $40.00

Here’s your chance to defend your national parks with lightening, claws and fashion! We all voted and when the votes came in it was unanimous: WE LOVE BASEBALL TEES! And we love pissed off bears—it’s a win-win folks. Every purchase helps Parks Project fund over a hundred different projects related to our national parks. Go to their website to find out how you can help volunteer!

Defend Our Parklands

The Congregation Tie
Brand: Knots Apparel Co.
Ethics: Gives back
Price: $49.00

Attention everyone, the results are in and the secret is out: Men are people and people like looking good. Knots Apparel figured this out at the very beginning, and decided then that all of their ties will always look 100% Good. Then, they decided to donate 50% of their profits to charities, which it turns out is also 100% Good. Therefore, simple mathematics tells us when you buy one of their ties you are increasing your net goodness by at least 200%. We like The Congregation Tie— it’s simple, sleek, soft on your cheek, and it supports programs that provide homes to low-income families in Camden.

Congregation Tie Knots Apparel

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