10 Pinterest-Worthy Gifts from Ten Thousand Villages

10 Pinterest-Worthy Gifts from Ten Thousand Villages

Fair trade products are good for people, communities and the planet. Simply put, they’re all-around awesome. When you buy fair trade you support companies that maintain safe, healthy working conditions, pay their workers a fair wage (often far above a country’s minimum wage), and choose manufacturing processes that have minimum environmental impact. On top of that, you can find fair trade products that rival non-certified products in style and price. For people new to this movement wondering where to find these products, I’ll give you a tip: Ten Thousand Villages.

Ten Thousand Villages is a fair trade pioneer. They’ve been in business since 1946, and since their founding they’ve generated over 140 million dollars for makers who would otherwise be unemployed or at risk for human trafficking. When I first started learning about fair trade in college, I started frequenting the Ten Thousand Villages boutique in Pasadena, and they played a huge part in shaping my desire to trade fast fashion for conscious consumerism. Ten years later I’m still a happy customer, and I’m honored to get to introduce you to them.

On my last trip I picked out ten Pinterest-worthy items that caught my eye. Like everything else sold at Ten Thousand Villages, everything you see here is handmade, certified fair trade and high quality without breaking the bank. Check out my picks below and let me know what you think. Head over to their website to see even more covetable fair trade goods, and if you live in Southern California, mention “MichelleForGood” at the Pasadena location (567 S Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101) to receive 15% off your next purchase through May 30th, 2017!

1.) Native Spirit Necklace $59

Native Spirit Necklace

2.) Good Paper Cards (In stores only) $5.99

Go Shorty Good Paper Card

3.)  Macrame Hanging Planter – $39.99

Macrame Hanging Planter

4.) Faceted Sphere Candleholder $16

Faceted Sphere Candleholder

5.) Guiding Star Earrings $29.99

Guiding Star Earrings

6.) Air Plant Hanger $18.99

Air Plant Hanger

7.) World Traveler Bag $150

World Traveler Bag

8.) Whirlpool Basket $39.99

Whirlpool basket

9.) Salt Crystal Drink Glass Set $49.99

Salt Crystal Drink Glass Set

10.) Calm Mood Hamper Basket $69.99

Calm Mood Hamper Basket

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